Mobile Phones

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Used PTA Approved Imported Kits

If you are looking for approved phones, you can view the complete collection of PTA approved smartphones.

PTA approved phones are second-hand phones from the USA, UK, Dubai, Malaysia, Japan and Europe. The devices we offer arrive from overseas and have not been used in Pakistan before.

All pictures of mobiles are of the actual products.

Non-PTA Approved Phones

If you are not too keen on using your phone with a sim card and have a wifi connection, you can try out our NON-PTA approved mobiles. These phones are cheaper and work perfectly well with a wifi connection.

You can use these smartphones for all the popular activities such as youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp and a lot more.

Brand New Mobiles

While we have a pretty attractive collection of imported used mobiles, some users still enjoy the feel of buying a box packed mobile. The newly launched brands such as Realme, Redmi, Techno and Spark are doing great in Pakistan.

Gaming Phones

Mobile gaming is on the rise, with more high-quality games being launched, and superior processing power has taken phone gaming to a whole new level.

We have a great collection of PTA approved and un-approved gaming phones at our online store.

Keypad Mobiles

Keypad mobiles, also known as feature phones, are making a comeback. These devices have exceptional battery life, easy to use, are incredibly durable and affordable.

Vintage phones from Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, XUB, CaterPillar, VgoTel, Alcatel & BM10 are available on our keypad mobiles section.