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Keypad Mobile Phones for Sale Online

Keypad phones are the earliest and some of the most successful phones of their time. Also called feature phones, these devices feature press button inputs and non-touch displays. They tend to have a simple user experience and come with an inbuilt operating system that is very easy to use. These devices are great for voice calling and text messaging functionality and some offer basic multimedia and internet capabilities. Some feature phones also have a built-in camera.
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Keypad Mobile / Feature Phones in Pakistan

While many believe that the keypad phones are outdated, Pakistan remains one of the largest markets. These vintage phones offer many advantages, and their comeback in 2021 testifies to their past success.

Here are a few reasons why people go for Keypad mobiles in 2021.

  • Battery Life

Keypad phones have simple hardware and a small display; these phones provide exceptional battery life, with some offering a battery life of up to 10 days.

  • User-Friendly for Elderly Users

We all love our elderly relatives; many of them cannot use smartphones that are much more complex to operate. Feature phones are an excellent option for them. Moreover, users with impaired sight can also benefit from a keypad mobile. While the younger generation is looking for powerful gaming phones, the elderly still prefer the much-desired simplicity

  • Ideal for Kids while away from home.

While the newer generation is very sharp and can get the hang of smartphones very quickly, many lose focus and spend more time on their phones than studying. For this reason, a keypad phone is more desirable for children, which they can use for essential communication with their parents or call for help while not being able to engage too much due to limited functionalities.

  • Affordable

Feature phones are incredibly affordable. With prices starting from just Rs. 1,399/- you will not even feel the strain when buying one.

  • Rugged body and durable

Smartphones are fragile and can break once they suffer a fall. The same is not valid for keypad mobile phones. These devices are famous for their durability and are known to survive even the deadliest falls.

  • Keypad Phones with Qwerty Keyboard

Devices such as the Blackberry Q10 feature a qwerty keyboard; such devices are perfect for typing messages or even emails.

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