Warranties and Limitations of Liability

The Below terms and conditions apply to purchase made from our website: www.starcity.pk

If you are unclear on the policies, you are free to get In Touch with us.

Checking Warranty on Used Items

All electronics we sell are eligible for a Seven (7) day checking warranty. The warranty starts from the time you have received your delivery.

Note: the products are used, second-hand, pre-owned, and arrive from overseas.

Following are the products that fall in the checking warranty criteria:

  1. Mobile Phones
  2. Laptops
  3. Chromebooks
  4. Tablet PCs
  5. SmartWatches

Note: If the product suffers external damage, such as a fall, hit or break, cracks, scratches, then the warranty will be void.

Warranty Card

The purchase receipt you get when ordering online acts as your warranty card.

You do not need a printed invoice. We will retrieve the details through your order number.

This warranty does not cover accidental/intentional damage nor any of the following conditions, however, paid repair services are available.

  1. Beyond the warranty period
  2. The customer provides no proof of purchase.
  3. The phone is damaged due to improper use (such as falling, bending, liquid damage, etc.)
  4. Damage and malfunction due to uncontrollable external forces (such as floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning strikes and traffic accidents)
  5. Disassembly, self-repair, modification, rooting and other externally induced damage or modification attempts.
  6. Faults or damage caused by factors of Force Majeure such as fire, earthquake, and flood

Damaged Items.

If your order has arrived in damaged condition or is faulty, contact us immediately.

Warranty for Brand New (Box Packed Items)

Box Packed Items may come with a manufacturer warranty. Please check the warranty policy of specific brands on their official website.

Some box packed items are imported from USA, UK or UAE. The warranty terms and conditions for those items lie between the buyer and the manufacturer for that case.

StarCity will have no part in it.

Our maximum liability is limited to the value of the product purchased. We do not accept any further liability for the products sold.