Haino Teko Air5 Earbuds | Silicone Case | Transparency Mode and ANC | Wireless Charging Support | Gadgets

Rs. 2,799

Haino Teko Air5 Earbuds Specifications and Price in Pakistan:

✅ Brand: Haino Teko
✅ Model: Air-5
✅ Wireless Connectivity: Enjoy music, calls, and more without the hassle of wires (Bluetooth version unknown, check for details).
✅ Free Swhich left and Right
✅ Touch Sensor
✅ Free Cover
✅ Support: Android and Ios
✅ with Touch Point
✅ 3 hours of music /calling
✅ 9 hours charging box
✅ 3 times charging box
✅ Please use the output below 2a adapter