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Buy Laptops and Notebooks Online

All the stock on our website is "international stock" of second-hand laptops from the USA, UK, and Europe. The pictures featured on our online store are of the actual products because we believe in transparency.

Top Laptop brands include:

  • HP Probook and EliteBook
  • Fujitsu Lifebook
  • Lenovo Thinkpad and Ideapad
  • Toshiba Dynabook
  • Dell Latitude
  • BAK Atlas

Used Laptop Prices

The Prices of these laptops vary depending on several factors. The display size, processor, brand, ram, hard disk or SSD capacity affect the prices of these devices.

Additional factors include features such as a touch screen or hi-res camera, which increase the price.

At Star City, the lowest priced used laptops start at just Rs. 9,999/-.

Laptop Computers in Pakistan

With more people turning to the internet in Pakistan, we believe a laptop can change the future of a young learner. You get access to numerous learning and employment opportunities using this device.

Feedback from our customers tells us that most of our customers are young freelancer professionals or students, and our affordable laptops have made the journey easier for them.

With distance learning becoming a norm in the modern world and working from home is becoming a part of our regular lives, we believe that affordable computers will play an important role.

Factors to consider when buying a Second-Hand Laptop

For many of us, buying a laptop is a big decision. Buyers are very confused and even suspicious because of the lack of trust.

With StarCity.PK, you get a stress-free shopping experience since we show real product photos. Moreover, our products have a checking warranty and a hassle-free returns policy.

Here are a few things to consider before buying a laptop.

Display Size:

Unlike desktop computers, laptops are highly portable. Portability is the single most cited reason for choosing a notebook over a desktop PC.

The larger display size, such as a 15" screen, generally makes it more difficult to carry your laptop around, whereas smaller displays such as 11" or 13" are much more convenient to carry.

However, some users prefer working on a bigger screen for clarity. Professionals generally prefer a larger screen for better results, like graphic designers and animators.

Like the Lenovo Ideapad, some notebooks come with a touchscreen and detachable keyboard.


The top processor brands are AMD and Intel. While Intel has been the market leader for several years, AMD processors are catching up.

Processors include Inter Core i3, i5, i7 and i9. Other processors such as Core 2 Duo and Dual-core make for a good budget PC.

Moreover, there are several laptop generations in the Intel range, from the first generation to the latest 12th generation. Newer generations tend to be much much advanced and powerful. So, for example, an i3 8th generation will outperform an i7 2nd generation.

With rising microchip prices, processors in the newer generation are getting very unaffordable in Pakistan.


The RAM size makes a significant difference in a laptop's performance. If you plan to work on multiple tabs in Google Chrome or using graphics software such as Photoshop, we suggest going for a superior RAM power, normally 8GB. You must note that the newer Windows 10 and 11 require significant RAM to operate. So it is always better to keep spare.

Hard Disk & SSD

Hard Disk Drive, also called HDD, is generally slower but much cheaper. On the other hand, SSDs are more expensive, but they deliver exceptional performance.

If you plan to use your laptop for storage-intensive activity, such as storing high-quality graphics, movies and games, we suggest going for larger storage.

Some users combine an SSD with HDD, so they install the windows and some software in the SSD drive for better performance and use the Hard Disk for storing larger files. This option is much more optimum in terms of costs.

Battery Life

Unreliable electricity begs the need for reliable backup power, so your work doesn't stop. Battery timing ranges from 2 hours to 13 hours, depending on the brand, make and battery condition.

If you aim for longer battery life, we suggest a smaller screen size since the screen consumes a lot of power.

Shop with Confidence at StarCity.PK

We don't just sell products; we offer convenience with affordability. You can expect high-quality guidance from our trained staff when making a purchase decision. Our idea is to have returning clients where we build trust and confidence.