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Smart Watches are gaining popularity in Pakistan, with more youth now opting for a smartwatch instead of a traditional one. Young tech-savvy users realise the importance of intelligent gadgets, and we believe a wristwatch should be much more than showing just the time.

Here are a few reasons why your next purchase should be a smartwatch.


Whenever your phone vibrates, you have to check your phone. You can view notifications on your wrist, dismiss notifications, and even read SMS and Whatsapp messages with a smartwatch. Moreover, many smartwatches now allow you to accept and reject calls from your wrist, and you can also make calls directly using your watch.

A New Design Every Day

Smartwatches have dynamic faces with many pre-built configurations already installed on them. You can change the watch face and layout whenever you want. This means you can have a new design on the same watch, be it a day out with friends or a formal gathering at work. With a smartwatch, you can have a fresh look on your wrist every day.

Fitness and Health Tracking

More smartwatches are now made with fitness as a priority. Because of smartwatches, many users report better tracking of their daily active lives and make changes to them by making more intelligent choices. Many of these devices allow for step tracking, calorie burn monitoring, and daily distance reporting of your walking or jogging. Many even allow for heart-rate monitoring and oxygen sensors, which can help fitness enthusiasts.

Music On the Go

High-end smartwatches allow for music to be loaded onto the device, which means you can listen to music directly on your wrist.


More advanced watches now allow for longer battery life; some claim a battery life of up to 14 days. This benefit is possible mainly due to the small screen size compared with mobile phones.