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After the successful launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, it is rumored that this year Samsung is coming back with an amazing device which is Samsung Galaxy S8. The rumors of this flagship smartphone begin to emerge from the most incredible industry insider called, Evan Blass.

First Images:

It is considered that in the first image of Samsung Galaxy S8 users can clearly see that its back is much similar to the Galaxy Note 7, however with a few minor changes in the features.

Furthermore, the new looks of Samsung Galaxy S8 show that the option of the home button is going to change place this time which is also expected to house the fingerprint scanner too.

However, it is expected that the home button and the scanner would be at the back of phone as per image of Evan Blass & VentureBeat shared here:


USB Advance feature:

Some of the leaked rumors suggested that this time Samsung will again stick with the old MicroUSB 2.0, but we have Samsung A series smartphones which have the feature of USB Type-C so we can believe that Samsung S8 will have USB Type- C function.


There is another good news for the users of Samsung that again Samsung is coming with the most-loved 3.5 mm headphone jack.


Some rumors of this year are suggesting that Samsung Galaxy S8 have two different variants. The display screen of Samsung S8 is 5.8- inch, whereas the positive model has the 6.2- inch display screen. However, both have the QHD, and a fantastic AMOLED panel which covers the 83% of the whole screen. It seems that the screen will be the pressure sensitive and the technology will be recognized as the Apple’s 3D Touch. Not with standing this device is going to introduce as an incredible flagship smartphone, which is not going to compromise on the quality and the performance of hardware and software.



Samsung Galaxy S8 is come up with different processors in which one would be QUALCOMM Snapdragon 835 octal-core 3.2 GHz processor and the second one will be Samsung’s Exynos. Both have the ability to produce the fastest performance, and it is supposed that it is 20% quicker than the Galaxy S7.


Samsung is known for its multitasking performance than how can it compromise this time. S8 has 6GB of fastest RAM and the 64 GB of external memory along with MicroSD card.


It has 12 MP back camera and 8MP front camera which will be most pleasing and extraordinary feature of this device.


The battery of S8 will be 3,000mAh power pack with the smartphone of 5.8 inches and 3,500 for the 6.2-inch.

Price and release date:

However, it is expected that the release date of this is in February but some rumors reveal that the release date will be 29-march 2017. The price of this smartphone will be between PKR 75,000 to 80,000 in Pakistan.

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